Inmarsat-C: 580 427502310 (MRCC, MAS, ISPS)

Inmarsat RescueNet user

In the COSPAS-SARSAT system MRCC Riga is SPOC Latvia


E-mail address: (MRCC) (MAS, ISPS)


Radio communication: radiotelephony / DSC

Riga Rescue Radio is co-located with MRCC and maintains continuous radiotelephony watch on 2182   kHz and VHF  Ch 16. DSC selective call number 002750100 on 2187,5 kHz and VHF Ch 70.  Preferred VHF working channel - Ch 71. Latvian Coastal GMDSS network is remotely controlled from MRCC Riga.

Maritime Safety Information (MSI) broadcasts

Riga Rescue Radio broadcasts MSI on a daily basis at 07:03 local and 15:03 local (UTC+2 winter, UTC+3 summer) on VHF working Ch71 with prior announcement on VHF Ch16.